55 picture cards
by Andrée Pouliot

1001 rekindles the ancient art of story-telling. Discover a-thousand-and-one stories with Canadian artist Andrée Pouliot‘s exquisite paintings depicting the wondrous and mythical world of the Orient, with a focus on the centuries-old tale of Scheherazade.

Scheherazade’s life depended on keeping her new husband, the king, so captivated by the stories she told every night that he would let her live to continue the tale the next night. For 1001 nights, Scheherazade spun her fabulous tales, until eventually the king fell in love with her.

With 1001, we too can be inventors of tales in which anything is possible and no story gets told twice. Each 1001 card is a doorway opening into a room full of associations. Each image is a magic carpet carrying us to the moonlit chamber where a king’s fearful heart was gently overpowered by a woman as brave and wise as she was beautiful.

1001 is a companion deck to SAGA and MYTHOS and can also be used in combination with them.

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