88 picture cards
Ofra Ayalon and Moritz Egetmeyer
artwork by Marina Lukyanova

Today’s world needs all the instruments for peace it can possibly invent. COPE cards are the communal project of a Russian painter (Marina Lukyanova), an Israeli therapist (Ofra Ayalon), and a German publisher (Moritz Egetmeyer). Used around the world by trauma healers and relief workers, COPE cards help to open communication and create community.

The images convey the emotional content of events, leading us to inner stories of woe and joy so we can express and share them. The path from trauma to healing is portrayed in the decks beautiful and manifold images, variations, and image combinations.

Each deck of COPE is accompanied by a manual which includes examples for use and information about the theoretical background of trauma-healing. The COPE cards also work well in combination with our other titles.

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