55 collages
by Joan Beauregard

A collage is an assembly of pieces glued in place to make a work of art. Joan Beauregard‘s collage creations for the BEAUREGARD cards are free-spirited arrangements of form and colour that can deeply effect the viewer. We may also go beyond viewing to using these collages as a departure point for personal creative expression. Spontaneous associating can inspire the invention of stories, anecdotes or imaginary travelogues. Other responses to these vivid cards might find expression in painting or dance, music, or theater.

Like ECCO, the BEAUREGARD cards open a door into the world of abstract art. In a song without words the music alone expresses the meaning. Likewise, abstract art, in abstaining from depictions of objects, figures, scenarios, or landscapes, affects us directly through colour and form.

Limited edition, black box, silver stamp.

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