Strawberries Beyond My Window

Strawberries Beyond My Window: Games of Association for Opening the Door to Creativity and Communication
a book by Waltraud Kirschke

Waltraud Kirschke investigates the history and background of the associative cards in the OH genre. Various individual decks and their unique themes are described and discussed, as well as portrayed within the larger framework of the genre.

The book is alive with practical suggestions for using the cards, plus personal reports from a wide variety of card-users, both private and professional, from many different countries and cultures.

“How best to write about a genre of games whose progress and goals depend on the players themselves, a genre without fixed rules? How to write about games that become their most exciting when the cards comprising their material actually become superfluous as among the players a unique and never-to-be-repeated process of play is brought into being?”
~ Waltraud Kirschke, from the Forward

Black and white + colour illustrations. 136 pages. Published by OH Publishing.

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