Moritz Egetmeyer

Moritz Egetmeyer trained as a psychotherapist, studying psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and went on to earn an M.A. in humanistic psychology through Antioch University at Cold Mountain Institute in Canada. It was there that he first met the OH Cards, and, shortly thereafter, he met Ely Raman – the creator of the original OH Card deck.

Moritz and Ely became friends. Fascinated by the possibilities OH presents as a tool for non-dogmatic self-discovery and wanting to share them with more people, when Moritz returned home to southwestern Germany he explored the idea of finding a European publisher. Instead, in 1984, he began to publish the original OH cards himself, and then added other decks to the collection, including additional decks by Ely Raman.

Over the years, Moritz has facilitated and worked and with artists and authors to bring the many OH decks into being so their wonders can be shared. In collaboration with Ofra Ayalon and Marina Lukyanova, Moritz created the COPE deck, and he conceived of a blank deck which people can use to create their own cards – the CLARO deck. Most recently, he conceived of and facilitated the creation of the newest deck, TANDOO.

Moritz’s years of using, teaching, collecting uses for, and networking about the OH Cards combine to make him a seasoned teacher with a great store of information which he enjoys passing along to others.

For questions about OH Cards outside of North America or regarding the publication of OH Cards, please contact Moritz via the OH Cards International website.

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