This official website for OH Cards in North America focuses on introducing the card decks and their creators. The OH Global page lists links to OH Card websites in other languages.

About the OH Cards publisher: Moritz Egetmeyer.
About the OH North America Coordinator: Grace Kerina.

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Official OH Websites

There are two other official OH websites:

The non-profit OH Cards Institute (OHCI) collects, assesses, and shares the growing body of information about ways OH Cards are used. OHCI tends to focus on scholarly and published works, including videos, books, and material in other languages.

The OH Cards International website is the oldest of the official OH websites. It’s the original website of the OH publisher and includes contact information for OH distributors around the world and OH Cards use and OH support materials in a variety of languages.

OH Etiquette

“To promote the development of an OH game … (so that we get to know ourselves and others better, both by speaking personally and by listening actively) Ely Raman [the creator of the Original OH cards] formulated some guidelines. Since there are no set rules that must be followed when using the associative cards, these guidelines can be regarded as recommendations to foster the development of an atmosphere of trust. Ely  comments: ‘When these guidelines were experimentally set aside during the test-phase of OH, the spirit of love and communication and the feelings of trust and acceptance quickly vanished. Games became confusing, competitive and egoistic.'” – Waltraud Kirschke, Strawberries Beyond My Window

In OH, we honour each other’s privacy.

  • I may choose to pass, to not play the cards I have drawn.
  • I can do this with or without explanation, revealing my cards or not.

In OH, we honour each other.

  • I will not interrupt you.

In OH, we honour each other’s intelligence and imagination.

  • I do not re-interpret (or interpret) your cards.

In OH, we honour each other’s integrity.

  • I do not contradict you or argue about your interpretations.
  • I try to remember that there are no “correct” interpretations of the pictures, no misreading of words.

In OH, we honour each other’s individuality.

  • When I interpret my OH Cards I do not assume that you see what I see, feel what I feel, read what I read.