Enter a Wonderful World

OH Cards stimulate creativity and communication. They’re a cross between a game and a book. As a tool and a springboard for the imagination, these beautiful cards of association are suitable for adults and children of all ages for a wide variety of uses, from art creation to family play to corporate team training.

OH can be used as a co-creative, co-operative game designed to enhance communications, encourage expression, and stimulate imagination through a variety of interpretations. OH stretches our capacity to listen and to respond, to really hear each other without judgement or competitiveness. OH is a way for people to exchange feelings, fantasies, and ideas within a framework that protects privacy and vulnerability. In the game of OH, everyone wins.

OH is a book to which new pages are added every time it is opened.

Each deck can be used on its own or in conjunction with any (or all) of the other decks, like building blocks for creativity. Unlimited variations are possible. Easy-to-follow instructions for play and work are included with every deck.

The original OH deck is now available in 21 different languages.